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The science programme is current under development.

Please send abstracts to by July 13th.

Keynote Speakers include:

Ewan Birney (EBI)

Mark Akeson (UCSC)

With more to be announced shortly.

The Agenda will include sessions on:

•Evolving Technologies :

Speakers : 
Mark Akeson (UCSC), 
Niall Gormley (Illumina), 
Lia Chappell (Sanger), 
Cameron Frayling (Base4), 
New England BioLabs.

•Microbial Genetics :

Pedro Oliveira (Mt Sinai Hospital, New York), 
Gemma Langridge (UEA), 
James McInerney (Nottingham).

•Animal and Plant Genomics :

Speakers : 
Sergey Koren (NIH/NHGRI), 
Federica Di Palma (Earlham Institute).

•Clinical Genomics :

Speakers : 
Agilent, Qiagen Clinical Genomics

•Eukaryotic Microbe Genetics :

Speakers : 
Jane Carlton (NYU)

•Microbial Populations :

Speakers : 
Cambridge Bioscience.

•Developmental Biology :

Speakers : 
Dario Valenzano (Max Planck Institute For Biology Of Aging).

•Single Cell Genomics :

Speakers : 
Virgina Howick (Sanger), 
Wolf Reik (Babraham), 
Peter Vegh (Newcastle), 
TakaraBio, 10x Genomics.

•Evolutionary Genomics :

Speakers: TBA.

•Computational Genomics :

Speakers : 
Verne Global.

With many more speakers to announce.

Please send abstracts to by July 13th.